The Pool is organized all over the world. Germany is one of the European countries that offers some very nice Jackpots. You can win huge amounts of money, from 1 million to a record breaking 45.4 million euros! This is not the only reason for the popularity of Lotto. It’s also a very easy game to participate in. The only thing you need to do is pick six numbers from a range of 1 to 49, and an additional number known as the Super Number. In that case you have to choose between 0 and 9 to win extra money.

Choose the correct numbers

FRANKFURT4D multi-draw. The FRANKFURT4D sells different types of tickets. For example, people can purchase a so-called German Pool multi-draw. It means that they buy a ticket for 10, 25 or even 52 draws in the popular Pool. A subscription is possible as well. In that case you always receive the 10th ticket for free. A great advantage! Experienced German Pool players also receive ‘VIP’ points, that gives them a nice discount on Pool purchases.

Win fantastic prizes

The Pool is popular in Germany for a reason. First of all, you can win incredible prizes. It has nine prize divisions in total. You need to have the Super Number for five of them. Without the Super Number the highest prize someone can win is the match 6 second place prize. Second, because of the fact that even the second prizes of the FRANKFURT4D are incredibly high you can win millions without even having the correct Super Number!

Lots of possibilities

The FRANKFURT4D offers excellent service and lots of possibilities. For example, on the Pool site you can see a scan of your ticket online, before the draw takes place. It’s even more exciting when you’ve combined the standard Pool ticket with the Super Number. The last option sometimes increases prize money even 10 times. It gives you the possibility to win a huge Jackpot, but the other prizes are great as well.

Lucky winner from Thailand

Some stories proof that participating in the German Pool is definitely worth it. For example, a German player who lives in Thailand decided to join the lottery in december 2012. Just a month later, he already won 3978,10 euros! However, this wasn’t enough for him. He decided to play again and work on his lottery strategy. It definitely worked out, because in december 2013 he won 25,805 euros with an 8-number systematic form. Speaking about luck! More information on the FAQ page.

Collect your prize

The winner from Thailand had to travel to Germany to get his money. Usually prizes are transferred to your account very quickly, because this is simply the way the Pool works. However, with Jackpot prizes you need to collect it personally. You’ll always receive an email or SMS notification when you’ve won a nice prize.